Halloween Nail Designs

Halloween is one of the most anticipated celebrations in the world.  There is flooded with Halloween nail designs that can scare people when applied. Some of the Halloween nail designs include:

  • Skittle nails– These are a favorite to many since they are easy to do and involves art.
  • Silver drips are done whereby blood drops are applied to the nails and glitter is then used to make it visible. Zoya glitter is highly recommended to make it glow.
  • Textured black– These nails are creepy and are usually applied with Sally Hansen Gel layered with the miracle Gel Topcoat.
  • Witchy French Mani– This is also spooky since vampire-like teeth are drawn onto the nails, making it seem a bit scary.
  • Fangs– Fangs are also famous, and they depict a venomous snake. To make these nails’ art, Alpine snow and Black Onyx are used.
  • Foggy white– This is another scary nail design that involves a pearlescent shade and brings the remembrance of a cloudy scary October night.
  • Spotted– This usually makes people afraid since eye-like art is used. Whenever one wants to use it, nail polish and two gunmetal dots should be used at the center.

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