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Backpack Trends For College in 2021

Backpacks undoubtedly sit high up there on every student’s back-to-school list. Your backpack is not just a functional item. It also makes up a considerable part of your aesthetic identity! If you’re thinking of rocking a new trendy college backpack, here are the best of the latest backpack trends you might love!
Boxy Is the New Cool!

Tips on How to Become More Stylish

In 2020, many days have been spent in comfy custom hoodies & hoodies as workplaces shifted to homes. Despite the transition to loungewear, most fashion lovers have spent more time shopping online and awaiting the day everything returns to normal.
At the same time, this sudden shift has given people a lot of time to reflect regarding many aspects of life, including fashion style. With that in mind, here are simple tips on how you can become more stylish:
Tip One: Buy an outfit you can wear more than once
This is a sore point for all fashion lovers, including …

Gucci Back on Top as The Best Brand

Gucci is officially the best brand in the world, up from two spots last year. This achievement was made possible because of over 35 million views on their new Epilogue collection. Their F/W20 campaign was incredibly significant in putting the brand in the forefront as it gave them the chance to promote their products. Besides, Gucci’s page views increased by about 52%.
Some of the other brands also performed well. Off- White came in at second spot followed by Nike while Prada, Balenciaga, Fendi, Versace, and Valentino all made it to the top 10. Marine Serre also made it to the top 20 as its crescent printed top was among the best …

Avery Plewes on Dressing The Craft: Legacy

Costume designer Avery Plewes has disclosed that she dressed a little goofy in her early twenties as she revealed her fantastic wardrobe in the film. The Craft: Legacy is a film that depicts four young witches who try to explore the nature of magic while embroiled in love struggles in school, bullying, and alienation from friends. It takes inspiration from the film Ready or Not, released in 1996.
Plewes indicated that she did not want to recreate 90’s costumes used in the first movie since it was not a good idea. She began collecting crystals for each of the characters portrayed in the film and created a Wiccan worthy wardrobe…

Loewe Recently Launched a New Upcycling Collection

Loewe launched new color-blocked knits, a convertible bag-pack, and parkas. They brought them to the market after designing them with use of up-cycling. Its creative director Jonathan said that the products were made mostly to cater to those who love outdoor activities and adventures. Their vision was to be as practical as possible for them to come up with exceptional and sustainable products.
Within their launched selection were trousers, patchwork shirting, and parkas. Accessories such as a convertible bag made from used Fabrics from old jackets, gloves, torques, and a drink cosy are also available. A rugged sneaker is also …