Beauty Launches Introduced in October

Beauty products including skincare and haircare products hit the shelves in October. Some of these products include:

  • Fenty Skin Recovery Gel Cream– This night cream by Rihanna provides up to eight hours of pure hydration to the skin, reducing wrinkles and fine lines. It also makes the skin shine brighter due to its intense moisture content. Once the Gel Cream is exhausted, it can be refilled.
  • No7 Advanced Retinal Complex Night Concentrate– This product is designed to help people who are aging, by making the skin appear smooth and without wrinkles. It also has Bisabolol, which helps to reduce irritation to the skin once it is applied.
  • Immortelle Precious Overnight Mask– This overnight mask by L’Occitane offers protection against blue light damage that comes from sitting in front of a screen for a long period. It contains hyaluronic acid, enabling the skin to become firm when continually using laptops and cell phones. The skin also becomes brighter and moisturized.
  • Sage Natural Deodorant Skins– This product features three dominant scents; So Fresh, Peaceful Warrior, and Au Naturel. The formula uses plant-based ingredients such as oats and coconut oil and it makes the skin subtle and less prone to irritation.

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