Fashionable Horror Movies

When people watch a TV show, they usually ignore the fashion depicted in the show.  However, there are films which brought about fashion to describe some themes in a front, and they include;

Lovecraft Country

This film involves a lot of time traveling; from the 18th century to the late 1950s. The fashion sense through various times in history is perfectly depicted in the show, resulting in diversified wardrobe costumes being shown throughout.

In Fabric

In this horror-comedy based in Britain, a dress tends to take hostage of its owner. The dress is demonic and has some words telling anyone who dares to wear it to know its true identity. The clothing is sinister and can influence ones thinking and emotions.

The Craft

This show depicts four young women who try to fit in despite being influenced by the witchy world they come from. The fashion sense is achieved when each of the four girls has a crystal in their respective dresses. They describe the elements of a ritual, and the costume designer built a Wiccan wardrobe.

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