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Celebrating Halloween at Home

It is usually unnecessary to go out and celebrate Halloween elsewhere while you can comfortably do it at home. This is especially true at this time of the pandemic where people are encouraged to stay indoors. Here are some creative ideas for celebrating Halloween at home.
Do horror movies marathon
Do you want to get the essence of Halloween while indoors? You can decide to watch horror films on Netflix with your friends and family. If you want a scary movie, we suggest watching Dark. Others …

Fashionable Horror Movies

When people watch a TV show, they usually ignore the fashion depicted in the show.  However, there are films which brought about fashion to describe some themes in a front, and they include;
Lovecraft Country
This film involves a lot of time traveling; from the 18th century to the late 1950s. The fashion sense through various times in history is perfectly depicted in the show, resulting in diversified wardrobe costumes being shown throughout.
In Fabric
In this horror-comedy based in Britain, a dress tends to take hostage of its owner. The dress is demonic and has…