Supermodel Gisele Bundchen, the Dior brand ambassador, held a virtual meeting with fashion and beauty experts. The conference aimed to celebrate the Capture Totale Super Potent Age-Defying Serum; a Dior product sold at $115.  The panellists including Joana Czech and Gabriella Johnson, discussed the benefits of using the cream, its application, and many more cream characteristics.

The Miraj Hammam Spa, located in Toronto, has cleverly ensured that health protocols are being implemented when customers acquire services. They offer Eye and Anti –Aging treatment, which involves treatment of the face, especially the eye area. Bright eye patches are applied to avoid wrinkle formation on the skin therefore making the elderly look younger and feel good.

Rodan and Fields have rebranded their skincare regimen through the addition of ingredients. They have also introduced a Redefined range of products. The products have been systematically arranged and they can be used during the day and night. They also have manuals on how they are applied.

Customers who have used their products have given positive feedbacks such as smoothened fine lines, tightened pores, firm skin, and deep wrinkles. The set goes for around $225 and it comes with day and night cream, a toner, and a daily cleanser.

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