Celebrating Halloween at Home

It is usually unnecessary to go out and celebrate Halloween elsewhere while you can comfortably do it at home. This is especially true at this time of the pandemic where people are encouraged to stay indoors. Here are some creative ideas for celebrating Halloween at home.

Do horror movies marathon

Do you want to get the essence of Halloween while indoors? You can decide to watch horror films on Netflix with your friends and family. If you want a scary movie, we suggest watching Dark. Others include Insidious Trilogy, Conjuring series, Annabelle, and The Dark Tower.

Adding creepy home décor

If you do not want to go full out decorating your place for Halloween, pumpkin-shaped mugs, and some scary stoneware from harry potter can add some décor in a house and scare other people.

Planning some Halloween virtual experience

If you don’t feel the urge to engage in outdoor activities, you can arrange a spooky evening hangout over Zoom with your friends. You can host a pumpkin party, dim the house lights, and even conduct storytelling to contribute different stories to scare each other. Children can also be involved virtually by playing various video games with their friends on an online platform.

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