Tips on How to Lose Face Fat

A fuller face is not only beautiful but also an advantage when it comes to gracefully age. But, it can be disturbing if a fuller face is caused by excessive weight or genetics.

If you have this issue, you might have tried weight loss methods such as fat burning supplements or using contour makeup to get a fix. And, there are lifestyle changes that can be done if you want a more permanent sculpted face.

Continue reading to learn how you can lose fat from your face.

Stay Hydrated

You should drink 8 glasses of water every day. According to a 2008 study, there’s a connection between drinking water and losing weight. Before snacking, you drink a glass of water. That’s because hunger can be confused with thirst.

In a small study done in 2007, it was discovered that drinking ½ of cold water made the metabolism of the participants 24% faster for up to 1 hour after. A reason for this is drinking cold water makes the body work more into making the body temperature warm. But, further research still needs to be done.


An effective way to lose weight in your face and other parts of your body is by doing cardiovascular exercises. These exercises increase your heart rate, make your breathing heavier, and produce sweat. You can opt to do low, moderate, or high-intensity exercises. Just remember that you burn more calories when you do higher-intensity and longer exercises.

Skip Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol causes inflammation. When combined with sugar and carbonation, it can result in fluid retention, gas, bloating, and inflammation. These can cause a full face. The number of calories in alcohol can also make your face swell faster.

Since alcohol can make you dehydrated, your body will try to retain fluid which leads to puffiness that can be especially seen on your face. Not only can you get a more defined face and achieve your weight goals when you cut down on your alcohol intake, but also save you more money.

Get Enough Rest

When you stay up late at night, you’ll be more likely to snack. A study done in 2017, reported that there’s a connection between gaining weight and snacking after dinner.

Eating late at night makes you eat more and disorganize your body clock. There’s also a connection to gaining weight when you stay up late even if you don’t eat. More cortisol is produced with a lack of sleep. Cortisol is a stress hormone that is associated with increased food intake and a slower metabolism.

Avoid Salty Food

You retain more fluid when you consume a lot of salt. As a result, your face and other parts of your body become swollen and puffy. One of the easiest ways to limit salt intake is by eating less processed foods.


Finally, you know some effective tips on how to make your face more chiseled. A fuller face is cute and adds more personality. But, if it’s annoying, you can try these given tips. Exercise and a healthy diet are key to getting a lean face and healthy body.

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