Tips on How to Become More Stylish

In 2020, many days have been spent in comfy custom hoodies & hoodies as workplaces shifted to homes. Despite the transition to loungewear, most fashion lovers have spent more time shopping online and awaiting the day everything returns to normal.

At the same time, this sudden shift has given people a lot of time to reflect regarding many aspects of life, including fashion style. With that in mind, here are simple tips on how you can become more stylish:

Tip One: Buy an outfit you can wear more than once

This is a sore point for all fashion lovers, including fashion gurus. It is easy to feel like you need to wear something special, something that you feel beautiful in, and something you have never worn before. The problem is that these new and special outfits usually don’t get worn more than once due to their unique colors or style.

Instead of buying specifically special outfits for certain occasions, opt for versatile, classic designer pieces that can be dressed up or down and accessories cleverly.

Tip Two: Buy an outfit that fits you well

It is very common to buy an outfit, hoping that you will be a perfect weight or shape for it one day. However, stocking up on these “dream outfits” are taking up space in your wardrobe. Be honest and realistic.

Donate or sell that outfit that you do not wear anymore. Always buy things that fit you well.

Tip Three: Buy outfits that suit you

Some outfits fit the current trend but only look good on certain people. If you do not feel confident or comfortable in it, toss it out of your wardrobe as it is only taking up space!

Tip Four: Buy outfits that are good investments

Be careful about big discounts and bargains. It is easy to feel that you have to take advantage of huge sales, especially bargains from designer stores. Focus on purchasing things that you actually need in your wardrobe.

Ditch the “must buy” mentality during sales. If you are not going to wear it, even if the outfit is free, it is of no benefit to you and is only adding to your wardrobe clutter.

Tip Five: Buy one new outfit and donate or sell those you no longer need

This tip is one of the most excellent ways to ensure that your wardrobe remains current, uncluttered, and stylish. The outfit that you choose to sell or donate should be something that you have overgrown or worn for a period of time.

Another great advantage here is that it teaches you to be focused while shopping on outfits that you completely love.


The secret to being stylish is that it does not need to take all your time and money. It is something that can be accomplished even now, starting today, with your custom T-shirts & hoodie. Focus on purchasing what you need and what makes you feel beautiful and confident. Take care of your clothes and avoid overflowing wardrobes.

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