Backpack Trends For College in 2021

Backpacks undoubtedly sit high up there on every student’s back-to-school list. Your backpack is not just a functional item. It also makes up a considerable part of your aesthetic identity! If you’re thinking of rocking a new trendy college backpack, here are the best of the latest backpack trends you might love!

Boxy Is the New Cool!

One of the most unexpected trends that you will find around college campuses these days is boxy backpacks. Yes! At some point, they were deemed ugly and not exactly the best way to go. But all of a sudden, everyone wanted one, and guess what? There are thousands of designs to choose from nowadays. Boxy backpacks are intuitively functional as they can stand upright, hold more stuff, and have dual carrying options.

Bigger Is Better

As you might have noticed, with clothing and other accessories, oversize is now in vogue. Big bags that significantly tower over usual backpacks of regular sizes are everywhere on campuses. Their obvious advantage is the amount of space they provide, making them highly functional and fitting for whatever you need it to be.

The More Buckles, The Merrier

Accessories have always been a favorite when it comes to bags and even clothing. For bags, the most common accessories you can find on backpacks are things like buckles and clasps. While they may look small and nearly insignificant, students are embracing the wave of numerous buckles and clasps to accentuate their style. It all started with the Herschel bag design, but many other designers have adopted the style, attaching several accessory clasps and buckles to backpacks.

Two Tones Are All the Rage

Two tones backpacks are especially great if you’re a minimalist. Often, it contrasts neutral straps with another neutral bag color for a cool look that just works! The color wheel offers many great combinations, so if you want to jump on this trend, look out for colors that best match your taste and go for it. The designs are thoughtfully styled, and they give off a classy appearance. If stylish confidence is what you’re aiming for, then a two-toned backpack might be what you need.

Badges And Pins For The Win

Just like buckles and clasps that come with your backpack, you can spice things up even more. Taking a close look at what students love these days, you will find tons of backpacks adorned with badges and pins that tell different stories. Whether it’s a badge with a picture of your favorite band or a more serious-themed badge urging people to vote, your badge can say whatever you want it to say.

In this video you can learn how to make your own unique pins for your college backpack decoration this year:

Slings And Satchels Are In!

Sling backpacks are designed to fit snugly around your body, thus making them easy and comfortable to carry around. Sure, they might not be the most functional in terms of the space and number of compartments they offer, but they sure look cool! Satchels are slightly more functional backpack designs, and with their signature front flap and secure double buckles, they are making a significant comeback on the college scene.

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